Graduate Assistantship Available

Title:  Agent-based Modeling of Beetle Populations

Institution:  Purdue University, Dept. of Entomology

Location:  West Lafayette, IN; Fieldwork in southern CA.

Job Category:  Graduate Assistantship (Ph.D.)

Salary:  Year-round funding of $26,000 /yr plus a full tuition waiver will begin in Fall of 2022. Summer 2022 salary is ~20,000 /yr.

Start Date:  May 16, 2022

Description:  This research on the modeling of populations, movement, and impacts of two exotic beetle species is part of a larger project on the effects of interacting stressors on populations of an endangered bird.  This work will involve challenging summer fieldwork in remote locations in southern California.  Qualified candidates must be able to work with diverse team members in order to generate sub-models that seemlessly mesh with those of remote collaborators.  Coursework or research experience in landscape ecology and quantitative ecology is also greatly beneficial.

Requirements:  United States citizenship is required as some fieldwork and meetings will be carried out on Department of Defense properties.  Additional requirements are: documented experience with agent-based modeling, R scripting or similar coding language, undergraduate or masters degree in entomology or biology with a minor in entomology, valid driver’s license.

Contact:  Dr. Jeffrey D. Holland,

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