Residue Bank

Residues_examplePERCBycatch in insect sampling can be a large proportion of the take.  Recent publications (e.g., Skvarla & Holland, 2013) have highlighted the opportunity for research that such bycatch represents.  Using already collected specimens in bycatch is likely much less expensive than mounting new field expeditions.  Bycatches, if stored appropriately with complete collection data and made easily available, could greatly facilitate such work as:  new species discovery, systematics, biogeography, studies of range limits and change, and biodiversity.  This Residue Bank page is our first trial at making such residues available.

We post herein insect samples that researchers around the world are willing to make available.  These should only be requested for legitimate research needs associated with a university, government research body, or similar institution.  Below we list the information on these samples, and the conditions for their use.  If you have residues you would be willing to share, let us know and we will get you included. If this page generates enough interest we will move the information to an online searchable database.


Ecomentat’s Forest Beetles from Ontario, Canada

Source: Personal collection of JDHResidues_mine_MSc
Storage and condition: In 70% ethanol, changed once in 2007
Collection details: Lindgren funnel traps baited with ethanol. Mixed forest habitat. Traps ran over entire summer of 1999 and 2000. I have thousands of these samples.
Collection location: 190 traps ran across the Ottawa Valley region of Ontario, Canada. I have gps coordinates for all traps, and these should have an accuracy of about 50 m.
Groups well-reprented: Forest Coleoptera, all families.
Groups already removed: Buprestidae, Cerambycidae
Groups noticed: Coletopera: Elateridae, Nitidulidae, Cleridae, Histeridae, Scaraboidea
Conditions for use: Keep residues in ethanol with collection data. Pass to the next person interested and tell me who this is so I can track it.
Contact: Jeff Holland (ecomentat on these pages)

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